Passion Planner

How to organize your life

It’s weird to think that a planner can change your life, but it kinda did. As a lost and confused graduate, I found the Passion Planner on whim while scrolling though my Instagram feed. The Passion Planner was designed to help people clearly define their personal goals and dreams, break down their long and short term goals and give them a space to incorporate those points into their daily life. Personally, it’s not only encouraged me to start thinking about my goals but to take action towards achieving them everyday. 

Whether this encourages you to go ahead and purchase a Passion Planner, or simply recreate your own. Here are some helpful tips on how to design and organize your life (based on the Passion Planner):

Passion Roadmap

The Passion Roadmap helps you break down your life’s timeline into: 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and lifetime. The process is meant to be organic, brain mapping your goals and what you hope to achieve. Whether these goals are vague or specific, they will create a page to reference when you need a reminder of what you are working towards. The Passion Planner allows to create these roadmaps twice a year, in the beginning of the year and at the 6 month mark. Keep in mind: “If you could have anything, be anything, or do anything, what would it be?” It’s ok if your goals change during that time, just make sure you update your roadmap. 

Focus: Monthly & Weekly

“One step at a time.” Pacing yourself is important and creating a focus for every month and week can help. A month’s focus can be more broad, and each week can be more specific and focus on steps to help achieve that goal. This process gives me a lot of clarity, and make planning a lot less overwhelming. 

Prioritizing: Personal vs. Work

After creating your roadmap it’s time to get to work. Make an effort everyday to take conscious steps towards your goals. Create to do lists for the week, both for personal and work. Try dividing your time equally between the two, and prioritize. The Passion Planner creates a space for you to do this every week, listing top priority projects or errands will give you a clear idea what you need to achieve for the week. 

Good Things

One of my favorite habits that the Passion Planner has taught me by far is: good things. The planner has a space to write done a list of good things that happened through out the week, something that most of us forget or struggle to do. This habit reminds me to be grateful, and forces me to see the good in things even during a stressful week. Plus, it’s super fun to look back at the end of the year, and read my list of good things each week.


Learning to reflect is essential. Every month the Passion Planner allows you to reflect on your highlights, what you’ve learned, how you spent your time and what you would like to change. Again, it really helps me see the good things that I’ve achieved through out the month and think about my next step.


My last tip is probably the most important. Aesthetic. As a designer, I think this is essential to a planner. Making a planner your own with color coding, stickers, post-its and doodles not only makes it original but really help with organization. Create your own system, whether it’s messy with makers and paint or simply ball-point pens and sharpies. Just keep it fun!

For more tips on how to use a planner tips check out the Passion Planner's Tip page!