DIY Halloween Cards

I'll use any excuse to design fun cards. And I realize that Halloween isn't really a handmade card celebration but I felt inspired. So I thought it would be fun to share some photos of the sassy Halloween theme I went with. 

I fell in love with Valfre's Halloween illustrations (if you haven't heard of her, def go check out her stuff), using them as my main illustration inspiration, yet stylistically making them my own. I also added fun, and sassy quotes to go with the illustrations because who doesn't love a good pun?! And for whoever is interested, I use Micron pens for all my illustrations. Usually using a 01 for details and 05 for larger outlines. The paper I chose is a colorful speckled paper by Neenah, I thought it was a fun choice cause it sort of reminded me of candy. I used minimal color cause I thought the illustrations read well on their own, but I might try watercoloring some to see how they turn out.

Here are a few photos, and make sure you share your own work if you decide to make your own sassy Halloween cards.